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College and University Seminar Services

College and University Seminar Services

Many colleges and universities offer professional development or continuing education programs to enhance their exposure to the community, offer additional courses for their students and alumni, and generate profits through additional training. ARC Consulting Group, Inc., along with our business partner, Ally Business Developers, have developed this College and University program to help academic organizations offers these products with ease and minimum risk.

The University Program in a Nut-Shell

The College and University Program is designed to enhance your colleges/university’s Continuing Education Program and exposure as a premier center for Financial Professional Development. We work with you to ensure that your Center for Continuing Education is a true profit center.

The program offers:

What We Will Do

We will work with you to:

  • Select and custom-tailor our seminars to meet your college or university’s needs
  • Market the seminars through our web site and other media
  • Provide all participant material production and logistics
  • Handle or share in registration and payment

ARC will accept any reasonable financial arrangement in partnership with the college or university. Additional arrangements are based on our level of involvement and may include:

  • Revenue and cost sharing
  • Fixed price per session
  • Per-head price per session
  • All reasonable arrangements will be considered.

Our Experience

Our trainers are the highest-rated in the American Management Association, The National Center for Continuing Education, and other national training groups in their respective fields and have a minimum of 20 years of hands-on training experience. Our trainers are accredited with associated professional agencies.

For more information:

Please contact our principles directly at:

Mr. Balog, President of ARC Consulting Group, Inc.