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Forensic Accounting & Audit Services


Forensic Accounting & Audit Services

Did you know:

  • Most cases of fraud were in organizations of less than 100 employees
  • Most perpetrators have been with their companies for more than 5 years
  • The average age of the perpetrator is 39
  • External CPAs were in collusion or knew about the fraud and did nothing in over 50% of all frauds?

At ARC we have both the proven skills and experience to either detect fraud, or assist in the development of a Fraud Resistant Organization®.  We go beyond the simple forensic accounting and auditing where other firms stop, to the core of the fraud. We find the root cause of the fraud, the controls that broke down, and then we tell you how to fix it. We can provide a complete array of investigative services, from pre-employment investigations to asset protection and loss prevention / detection investigations. We evaluate the basic structure of your business, from the integrity of your sales force, to the honesty of your inventory and cash management professionals, to the security of your key business assets, both tangible and intangible, to the comprehensiveness of your internal and external financial audits.

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners reports that fraudulent activities cost American business approximately 7% of total revenues. If you are concerned about the reliability and integrity of your business reporting systems, consider our Forensic Audit Services.

We find the “Smoking Gun.”

Our Forensic Accounting Services are offered in association with Balog + Tamburri, CPA’s, a regional professional services firm.

Range of our Services

Our Forensic Audit Services Team specializes in the following areas:

  • Forensic Accounting and Auditing Services
  • Determination of the Perpetrator
  • Expert Witness Testimony and Litigation Support
  • Determination of Fraud Loss
  • Creation of the Fraud-Resistant Organization
  • On-Site Fraud Prevention Training

What We Do

Our Forensic Audit Team assists our clients to identify both the perpetrators of fraud, and the areas that are at risk for future fraudulent activities. Through our unique and proven approach, we rapidly identify the “Red Flags of Fraud,” thereby enhancing the potential of apprehending the person or persons responsible for the improper or illegal act. We work directly with your staff and/or legal counsel to ensure the admissibility of evidence, utmost discretion, and total support through to the desired resolution of the situation.

The current economic environment has enhanced the probability of some form of financial fraud to occur is higher than ever. This creates a set of unique pressures and opportunities for individuals to defraud you. Whether it is Theft, Embezzlement, Occupational Fraud, False Financial Reporting, or quantifying the damages for litigation, we have both the skills and the experience. .

  • Is your litigation staff finding all the potential damages in your civil and corporate litigation, and fraud cases? We Do
  • Does the forensic evidence generated to support your cases stand-up to intense scrutiny? Ours Does
  • Can your Expert Witness explain complex financial concepts to the jury in simple layman’s terms? We Can

For the past 30 years, we have supported law firms, governmental entities, corporations, not-for-profits organizations, both domestic and international, Prevent and Detect fraud as well as assist in the litigation of the perpetrators. At ARC, we find the root cause of the fraud, or what we call “The Smoking Gun.” Fraud has different connotations in different industries. Fraud perpetrated by employees usually relates to thefts and embezzlement through A/P, Travel Reimbursement or Payroll schemes.

We find the financial misstatements in

  • Accounting Records and Financial Statements
  • Corporate reports
  • Accounts Payable Transactions
  • Personal financial statements
  • Mortgage applications and other filings and documents

But we go further,

  • We find the “Smoking Gun.”
  • We find the perpetrator.
  • We tell you how they did it and how they hid it.
  • We will also show how the organization can prevent it in the future.

The most important aspect of any forensic investigation is to obtain the facts. At ARC, we continually strive to obtain the right legal evidence to support litigation.