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Product Cost System Development Services

Product Cost System Development Services

Are you selling more products, but not reaping higher profits? Are you profitable products becoming “loss leaders”?   Has your overhead risen out of control? Has your organization grown into a multi-product producer, but not your accounting system?  Are variances all over the map? Then you need more than another accountant, you need the services of the product cost specialists at The ARC Consulting Group. We are not just accountants, but a firm of seasoned, experienced financial and business professionals that bring a unique service to your company.

Our Product Cost System Development team is committed to assist you identify the true cost of production.  Through our unique approach, we can rapidly identify the key drivers of overhead, identify unique work centers, and rapidly determine each product’s actual profitability.  We then work with your operational and financial management teams to develop turnkey solutions. In short, we teach you what we know.

Our Product Cost System Development Team defines your true business process flows. We identify the unique events that make you spend money. We are committed to a “Profit Enhancement” focus rather than rampant cost cutting.  We analyze the causes of overhead; how your conversion processes consume overhead; and the benefit each product receives.

Then, rather than just changing the accounting, we change the process to eliminate the need for overhead.  We provide you will the “Windshield”; a set of future-focused, profit enhancing recommendations that your team can implement.

We believe that through empowering your employees with the skills necessary to incorporate the total vision of the organization into their day-to-day activities, those employees then assist the organization to achieve its long-range goals and mission.

We believe that our Cost Analysis services must be driven to assist the key members of your organization achieve the components of their value plan. In every engagement we:

  • Understand your firm’s strategic and value objectives
  • Identify the events that affect your processes, both directly and indirectly
  • Define the specific products and customers of your key processes
  • Perform risk-based evaluations of those key processes
  • Provide workable, profit-based solutions on a cooperative basis with your key personnel


How We Are Unique:

Our approach is unique. Our professional staff comes prepared to assist you grow your business.  Every member of our professional staff has more than 25 years of direct experience in their respective field of specialization. They have well known reputations for their accomplishments as industry leaders, educators, and consultants.  Together, we provide our clients with consultative services that focus on developing solutions that enhance long-term shareholder value.  The backgrounds of our staff include audit, accounting, engineering, sales and marketing, information technology, product costing, strategic outsourcing, activity-based costing, strategic management, and tactical decision-making.

Our Consultative Services employ a structured Nine-Step Framework that ensures the profit-enhancement effectiveness of the engagement.  This Framework, developed by ARC, focuses on the development of control-based, cost effective solutions the root causes of our your business challenges.  Past successes has proven this approach results in a long-lasting, systemic, solution to the current situation, as well as prevention against future similar challenges.

How We Do It:

In conducting every audit engagement, we:

  • Develop the right long-range plan that focuses on the opportunities and threats affecting your business processes
  • Work with operational and financial personnel to define the critical control points of each process
  • Define the operational controls currently inherent in the processes that prevent or detect threats
  • Develop systemic solutions which eliminate the causes of specific threats, and which, in turn enhance the total value chain of your organization.

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