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Selected Audit, Accounting and Financial Seminars

ARC provides the finest in accounting, finance, fraud prevention and detection and audit training. Some of the most popular programs we provide include:

ARC’s Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers
– Business executives need to understand the financial factors critical to business success. This interactive seminar shows you how finance works in today’s fast-paced business environment. You will understand the critical issues of profitability, liquidity and financial structure. You will understand the accounting process and principles of financial reporting together with how to budget and maximize profitability.

Introduction to the Accounting Process – Accounting 101 – This is accounting Boot Camp! Learn the language of business! This program will give you the basics of accounting, and help you understand the inner-working of the accounting system – from the entry of the item to the financial statements.

Financial Modeling and Forecasting Using Excel – The development of effective and realistic financial models and forecasts is a critical tool in today’s value-driven organization. Using Excel®, the Financial Modeling and Forecasting process provides an effective tool with which the you and project the potential outcomes of various strategic and tactical initiatives.

The Forensic Accounting Course: Developing the Fraud Resistant Company – Latest results show that employees, customers and suppliers, steal over 7% of your company’s revenues. In the past 10 years, external CPA firms were complicit or knew about 50% of the biggest frauds—and did nothing! In this hard hitting program, you will see how crooks have taken advantage of systems that may be in your own organization, and learn how to create the “Fraud Resistant Company®!”

Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting Using Excel – This program explains the budgeting process from beginning to end. You will explore the budget development process; how decisions affect the “bottom line;” and what budget variances are saying. At the same time, you will learn how to use the leading-edge tools available on Excel®.

Framework for Performing Effective Internal Audits – We designed this 3-Day program specifically for new internal auditors as well as financial and operational managers who need to identify the risks and related controls as part of management’s new level of accountability. The program will provide you with a structured Nine-Step Framework®, developed by The ARC Consulting Group, Inc., that ensures compliance with the new financial reporting legislation.

Interviewing Skills for Audit and Technical Professionals – This program will provide you with the tools, techniques, and understanding necessary to plan, and conduct various types of interviews, from fact-finding to fraud and loss investigations, with a wide range of personalities, corporate levels, and manage conflict when the interview process delves into sensitive areas.

Financial Analysis: Demystifying the Financial Statements – Reading the financials is one thing, finding if they tell the truth is a totally different level! This interactive program goes far beyond the typical financial analysis program; identifying the strategic drivers that can dramatically enhance the profitability of your organization, to a higher level; determining if they are hiding fraud! Using the power of Excel©, you will learn how to master the tools and techniques it provides to master the latest financial analysis techniques, understand what the numbers are saying, and be better able to predict the outcome of strategic and tactical decisions.

The CFO Workshop: Vision, Skills and Focus for the New CFO – The CFO is the financial “partner in strategy,” along with the CEO, COO, CIO and other Senior Managers. Learn how to focus on the multiple and often conflicting roles you will play and how to manage the priorities—and excel in both your strategic and tactical roles. You will learn how to boost your communication skills far beyond the financial aspects of the company while developing your people and management skills essential to effectively work with your CEO, line executives, shareholders, Board of Directors, regulatory agencies, employees and the financial community.

The ARC Cash Management Course – This is the most current introductory cash management seminar available. It is constantly being updated to reflect the current trends and best practices used by today’s leading, forward-thinking and profitable businesses who have found effective solutions to meet today’s business challenges. This “Nuts & Bolts” program is specifically designed for individuals taking on new cash management responsibilities and to lead new cash managers through the changing dynamics of cash management. It will provide the latest information and “Best-Practices” you can use today! It is also a great refresher for those who just need to “Re-Up!” Finally, you will understand how to bridge the gap between your company’s cash needs and your banker’s available services. You will learn from the experts how to make your cash work harder-and your profits soar higher!!!

We firmly believe that High Quality Training Does Not Have to Be Expensive.

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Program Content
ARC programs represent the latest in “Best Practices.” Every program we develop incorporates the latest educational design techniques and concepts, helping to ensure that our participants understand and absorb the key concepts, tools and techniques applicable to the learning objectives of the On-site training program. Through the application of Competency-Based Training, we insure that you can apply the concepts presented in the program in your every-day job.

Our programs are continually reviewed and updated to bring the latest technology into your learning experience. Many of our programs incorporate the use of laptop computers and the latest applicable software as an integral part of the learning experience. You come away from our programs with models and applications that you can use in your every-day professional careers.

Qualifications and Background
We assist a wide range of organizations on a worldwide basis. We have successfully presented our programs to more than 50,000 business professionals, providing more than 500 programs in 22 countries and 6 languages. We have designed and led programs for the leading seminar companies including The American Management Association, The American Institute of CPA’s, The National Association of Accountants, Bank Administration Institute, and others.

Our programs consistently receive an “Excellent” rating by the participants. Our training program development experience spans more than 25 years. In many areas, the professional staff of ARC has pioneered professional development theory, bringing world-class, performance-based training to the custom-tailored program.

Our understanding of the adult learning process provides our clients with programs that meet the objectives of both the program and the participant. The professional staff of ARC provides client organizations with the highest caliber of audit experience and expertise available. Our staff consists of internationally known business professionals, consultants and educators.

Our Program Development Process
We write the programs that we offer. The professional staff of ARC has successfully designed and delivered many professional education programs. Specifically, we have designed, developed, and delivered more than 5,000 programs for a wide range of industries and disciplines. At ARC, we develop our programs using a documented, structured, ten-step methodology. We drive this methodology using the question, “What skills will the participant need to do their job after completing this program?”

We take the responsibility of providing continuing professional education very seriously. ARC’s constantly revises and updates our educational offerings to ensure that they reflect the latest technology, and that they exceed the expectations of program participants. We believe that the foundation of any educational program is to ensure that the participants fully understand the “WHY” as well as the “HOW.” They leave our programs with the ability to apply the skills obtained to their specific job environment.

Your Program Leader
Today’s business professional demands professional development programs of the utmost quality. Not only in the participant materials, but also in the program leader’s ability to relate the concepts and theories covered in the materials to real life, day-to-day application in their profession. Our professional staff represents the leaders in professional development. Every program leader has over 10 years of “hands-on” experience in the subject matter being presented, and has led professional development programs for over 5 years.

Certifications and Affiliations

ARC is proud to be certified by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA). NASBA is a voluntary organization of the 54 state boards of accountancy in the United States. As a certified sponsor, ARC is authorized to offer Continuing Professional Education credits to successful program participants. The professional staff at NASBA reviews our programs annually to ensure that they meet the rigid standards established by the accounting profession. Participants earn Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours through successful participation in our programs.

The ARC Training Group is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. State boards of accountancy have final authority on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit. Complaints regarding registered sponsors may be addressed to: NASBA, 150 Fourth Avenue, Suite 700, Nashville, TN, 37219-2417 Phone: 615-880-4200

All complaints can be addressed to Ms. Kate Balog, President & CEO, The ARC Consulting Group, Inc., 4221 Clearwater Lane, Jacksonville, FL 32223, (904) 268-1148,Kate@arctraining.com, and/or to NASBA. ARC will work with you to reach a solution that is satisfactory to both ARC and the client. For more information regarding administrative policies such as complaints and refund, please contact our offices at 904-168-1148.

Refund Policy
We take great pride in our programs and our program leaders. We will refund the entire deposit, less the cost of the seminar books, if you notify us of your dis-satisfaction during the first day of the program. Refund requests presented after that date are delt with on a case-by-case basis.

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The ARC Consulting Group is a proud member of the Northeast Florida Chapter of the Better Business Bureau. Please click on the BBB Logo below to review our record of business excellence.